I have released three PC programs for musicians for free download. All MidiFitz programs are released under a software distribution license that I call "careware." Here's how it works: If you find MidiFitz to be useful, please acknowledge your appreciation by making a small donation to a local food bank or homeless shelter.


MidiRecorder is for piano players who play solo gigs on digital pianos. It records your solos into Standard Midi Format files without requiring you to attend to the program. It does it all automatically so you are free to schmooze with the customers around the piano bar. MidiRecorder is a way for you to take your live performances home to the studio without all the crowd noise. Because the files are MIDI, you can edit them and use the best piano samples in your studio for the final production. Click here to download the file named midirecorder.zip.

Unzip it with subdirectories and run the midirecorder.exe file from where you unzipped the files. The file named midirecorder.html tells how to run the program.


Chordbuilder is a program and procedure that converts Band-In-A-Box files to MusicXML files for import to notation programs such as Finale and Sibelius.

I explain the procedure and its purpose in an article in the September, 2004 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Click here to download the file named chordbuilder.zip.

Unzip it. The file named chordbuilder.html tells how to use the procedure and run the program.


Jukebox is a Standard Midi Format file playback program designed specifically for using SMF files as accompaniment when you practice your instrument. Click here Unzip it with subdirectories and run the jukebox.exe file from where you unzipped the files.


MidiFitz generates rhythm section accompaniment to the tunes you play on your MIDI keyboard. MidiFitz used to be a commercial program. I took it off the market when the default MIDI synths under recent versions of Windows (ME, XP) used software synths with substantial latency between the time the program tells the synth to play the note and the time you hear the note being played. This latency defeats the real time requirements of programs such as MidiFitz. The tech support to address this problem overwhelmed me, and often the problem could not be solved when a user was unwilling to upgrade to a better MIDI setup. If this situation describes you, I still welcome you to download MidiFitz, but please do not email me to complain about the situation.

MidiFitz works properly under Windows 95/98 with a good sound card, with software synths with virtually no latency ( GigaStudio , for example), or with configurations that use MIDI OUT on the sound card to connect to an external sound module.

Click here to download the file named midifitz.zip.

Read the INSTALL file to learn how to install from midifitz.zip.

You can download the source code files, too, in the file midifitzsrc.zip. The source code is for computer programmers who use Microsoft Visual C++. Read the license information in the help documentation to learn how you may use this source code.

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